Monday, November 12, 2007

My side of the story...

Ok, she got to tell her side of things, so now it's my turn. My turn to tell the truth.

So the story actually starts a few weeks before Tuesday. I knew I had met my match, err, I mean the love of my life, so I had to propose to this beautiful lady and make her my wife. So I went looking for a ring. I found some that I liked, but nothing really jumped out at me. Then I saw it. I found THE ring. It is called "Fire on Ice." Any ring that has a name has to be good, right?

So I purchased it right then and there. There is a rumor floating around that the guy at the store helped me pick it out. WRONG! I picked it out by myself. He just took the thing out of the counter.

I told them I needed it by Nov. 4 as I was going to take it to the Leon's house in Chicago so I could look Amy's dad in the eye and ask him for permission to marry his daughter. Monday 3:30pm rolls around and I'm knocking on the Leon door. And knocking. And knocking. NO ONE WAS HOME! My plan was foiled.

So I drove back to Amy's. I had to find a way to get Amy's Dad's phone number without her knowing. So I had to steal her phone. Anyone who knows Amy knows how hard that was! So I got the phone and called and left a message.

The following day we played phone tag all morning until we eventually hooked up on the phone. His response was classic, "Well yeah! Congratulations!" Sweet.

So the plan was set for that night. Amy wasn't going to be home until 8pm so I had plenty of time to get everything done. That was until she calls a little after 4pm to tell me the 'good news' that she would be home at 6pm. Sheesh, thanks for the heads up!

So I ran out of work early and went to the florist to get the rose petals. On the way there, I had one of my coworkers email me the phone number to Dos Reales so I could order Amy's favorite meal while I was running around getting everything. So I grab the rose petals and make a beeline over to Dos, get the dinner and head north to Target. Candles would be supplied by Target, so I ran in, grabbed 100 of them and moved over to Meijer's. I'm a high roller so I figured I'd get the bottle of wine from them. Little Penguin wine!!! Only the finest...

Now to the apartment. Take Chesney out and cage her up, then throw the fat cat in the bedroom. Clean up some of the house and then strategically place 100 candles ALL OVER the house. Spread the petals all over the house, light the candles and then.....wait.

I sat on the bed (with the fat cat) and looked out the window waiting for her. The rest of the story you know already as she did a pretty good job of describing the rest.

When it was all said and done it was more than worth it. I never thought I'd find such a beautiful, intelligent, Christian young woman to spend the rest of my life with. I love her and her family and am looking forward to the next few months of busy busy busy.



Daria said...

... And the fat cat looked at you and chirped his approval. He keeps a secret stash of rose petals under the bed, I'm sure.

The ring is too amazing not to have a name! Nice work!

Congratulations, you two! <3

Patti said...

CONGRATS! Well Fuzzy hair great job on the ring and the girl who is sporting it. Welcome to the family Mike.